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Student Behavior

Glen Avon School’s Cell Phone Policy

The use of cellular phones is not permitted during class time at Glen Avon School unless specifically directed by the teacher for educational activities.  If a phone is heard or used without teacher permission during the class time, the phone will be taken and it will remain with the teacher until the end of the day. If the offence is repeated or if the student refuses to cooperate at any time, the discipline cycle will be initiated to deal with the defiant behaviour. School admin may confiscate the phone and it will remain in the office until a parent/guardian picks it up. 

Physical Affection


Visible signs of physical affection such as holding hands, kissing, embracing and fondling are not acceptable forms of public behaviour with in the school environment. Students are asked to demonstrate discretion and self control while in school and during school sponsored events. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action.


Leaving School property during the school day


All students attending Glen Avon School are not permitted to leave school property, or designated instruction areas unless they have been personally signed out by a parent or guardian during school hours, including the lunch break. * We are responsible for your children from 8:30 am to 3:17 pm, so to ensure student safety we require a parent or guardian to personally come into the building to sign their child out.

Indoor/Outdoor Foot Wear


All students attending Glen Avon School are required to have two pairs of shoes.

  • A pair of outdoor shoes for coming to and from school.

  • A pair of non-marking indoor shoes to be worn inside the building.


When students enter the school they are to remove their outdoor footwear and replace them with their inside shoes on the boot-rack (or their locker or classroom). Their inside shoes need to be non-marking because they will use them in gym.

Personal Technology

If a student chooses to bring electronic devices to school it is up to the individual teacher’s classroom expectations whether these devices are to be used in the classroom or not.  Because these items are expensive and could be damaged or stolen, it is recommended that parents allow their children to bring them to school only if they are responsible enough to take care of the item. The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Students must adhere to all Division policies when using student-owned devices of any kind in the school setting. Students cannot take photos and video of other students or staff without their consent.

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