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We provide regular physical acivity through excellent physical education and sports including:


Ms.Krekoski – Training begins 1st week of school, SPAA takes place the 3rd week of September in St.Paul.

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Cross Country Run

Mrs.Randall – Training begins 2nd week of school, race takes place the last week of September.



Mrs.Randall (girls team) & Ms.Nickason (boys team)- Tryouts begin first week of September. First league game, 1st week of October. County finals 3rd week of November. Home tournament September 23 & 24, 2016.

JV  Boys VBall Nov 2021.jpg
JV VBall Oct 2021.jpg


Tryouts begin last week of November. First league game 1st week of January. Finals 1st week of March.

Glen Avon Home Tournament (gr 7,8,9) First week after classes resume after Christmas break. Contact: Mrs.Randall 780 645-3237.

Girls Team - Mrs.Randall

Try outs begin the last  week of November.

League play begins in January.

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Boys Team - Mr. Rowley

Try outs begin the last  week of November.

League play begins in January.

BoysBBall banner2022 on google.jpg


Mr. Pashko/Mrs.Randall -Tryouts begin early March after Basketball Finals. First week is for tryouts, then teams are picked. Practices are several times a week from 3:17 to 5 p.m. Practice and game schedules are always sent home with the athlete. There is a Final Badminton occurs last week of April.

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Badminton Racette.jpg

Track and Field Badminton

Mrs.Randall - Jr. High held 3rd week of May; Counties held first Wed of June. 

Miss Nickason - Elem. held mid June.

Ms. Brousseau - Kin - Gr. 3 held end of June. (fun events day)

These are all day events. Parent volunteers requested for Kin - Gr. 6



Ms. Nickason- For Jr. High Students only. Begins in November through to SPAA finals in February. 


RCMP Road Race

 Mrs.Randall– Tryouts begin in mid April. Race scheduled in during first 2 weeks or so of May. Jr. High students only.

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