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Positive Choices K-3


The primary teachers use an individual classroom behaviour plan for their students focusing on positive choices.  Consequences and acknowledgements are provided accordingly.  Playground incidents are dealt with immediately by the assigned supervisors.  If inappropriate behaviour is repeated or severe, the student will be referred to the school administration. 


In recognition of positive behaviour, students will be able to attend a SPIRIT DAY approximately every six to eight weeks for the primary wing.  The goal of the behaviour plan is to encourage children to think about safe and respectful behaviour and to make positive choices.


LOUIS Program (Grades 4-9)


LOUIS is a program for all grade four to nine students to promote positive behaviours and habits.  The eligible students will be able to attend a two period or half day fun-filled event approximately every 8-12 weeks called Spirit Day.


The LOUIS program expects students to model appropriate behaviours:    

Gr 4-6: Students will

  • conduct themselves in a responsible manner and refrain from roughhousing Inappropriate language/gestures

  • be compliant with staff members

  • cooperate for substitute teachers


Gr 7-9: Students will

  • use appropriate language, and never use the “F” word or the “B” word

  • be on time to class

  • come prepared to class

  • live up to their responsibility and attend a teacher detention if they have been assessed one

  • conduct themselves in a responsible manner and refrain from roughhousing

  • cooperate for substitute teachers

  • never disrupt another class or activity being conducted in the school

  • not use public displays of affection during the school day or at school sponsored events

  • refrain from leaving books/belongings in hallway

  • be compliant with staff members


Teachers consistently apply a LOUIS when a student does not demonstrate the listed behaviours.  The student’s name and behaviour is recorded on the LOUIS list and the student must report to a noon hour detention the following day. Students are to leave their student owned devices with the supervisor when attending LOUIS. It will be returned when their time in LOUIS is over.  If a student receives more than 3 LOUIS detentions in a month, the student loses the privilege of attending Spirit Day.  A student can earn this privilege back by completing 120 minutes of school volunteer service. 


The LOUIS program is not a classroom management plan.  If a student is disrespectful or is demonstrating any other subjective type behaviours, it is the teacher’s responsibility to deal with the behaviour using his/her own classroom discipline plan.


Please note that if a teacher has exhausted all the strategies at their disposal to get a student to behave in an appropriate manner in their classroom, the teacher will submit a referral to the admin team.  A referral to the office may affect a student’s ability to participate at a Spirit Day.




An automatic suspension will be given to a student who:

  • is found to possess, consume or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs on school  premises, or while attending a school-sponsored activity;

  • is suspected of using Marijuana. This means that if a student smells of Marijuana, he/she can be suspended.

A student may be suspended for failure to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct as stated in Section 12 of the School Act:

  • willfully damages any property of significant value in the eyes of the school Principal that belongs to the Board, Board employees or other persons (Policy ECAB Vandalism);

  • enters illegally into premises belonging to the Board;

  • steals or is found to be in the possession of any property of significant value that belongs to the Board, agents of the Board, employees, or other students;

  • is found to be in possession of a weapon;

  • threatens the physical safety of, or assaults another student or agent of the Board.

  • be diligent in pursuing  the students studies;

  • attend school regularly and punctually;

  • cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education programs or  other services;

  • comply with the rules of the school;

  • account to his teachers for his conduct;

  • respect  the rights of others.


* Note: proper documentation (i.e. referral slips) are necessary in order to suspend for the above behaviours.

Discipline Policy

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