Parent - Teacher interviews
February 2021

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held from February 22 - 25.

Teachers are scheduled on different evenings and will be available to make phone calls (and some may host Google meets)

Please sign up by clicking on the desired teachers below and booking a time. The evenings they are available are indicated under their names and the are listed alphabetically across the page.
Please take careful note of your selected time and be available 10 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment.

If you have issues with the online booking system, please call the school at 780-645-3237.

Mr. Shane Boyko &

Mr. Udo Mueller



Mrs. Dorielle Craine



Mrs. Sherry Hladunewich & Mrs. Patricia Werstiuk

(4W, Gr. 4 and 5 Online)


Ms. Juanita Labant



Mrs. Jackie MacDonald

(Science 9)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Ms. Mary Anne Martinson

(Health 5 & 9, Music 6-9, PE 2)


Mr. Ryan Pashko

(Math 9)

Monday & Thursday

Mrs. Kandy Songer


Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday

Mrs. Stephanie Boyko



Ms. Melissa Deschamps

(LA 6D, Math 6DN, Science 6DN,

Sci 6 Online, French)


Mrs. Aundrea Johnson

(4J, Social Studies 4 Online,

K & Gr. 1 Online)


Mr. Chris LaRose

(Social Studies 7P, 7S, LA 8D, 8F, 

Social Studies 7 Online and LA 8 Online)

Wednesday & Thursday

Mrs. Stacy Madoche


Wednesday & Thursday

Mrs. Jenna McLean

(4J, PE 1 & 2, Music 6)


Mrs. Robyn Randall

(Physical Education 7-9)

Wednesday & Thursday

Ms. Anne Steinhauer

(Cree Language)


Mrs. Kim Christensen



Mrs. Peggy Fedoruk

Coordinator of Student Supports


Mrs. Karen Kendel

(Science 6KN, LA 6K, LA 6N,

LA 6 Online)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mr. Shannon Leskiw

(Social Studies 8C, 8F, 8L, 9K, 9L

and Social Studies 8 and 9 Online)


Ms. Roseann Magdiak



Mr. Udo Mueller 

For Online Grade 5 Math

bookings only

Mrs. Melissa Sallstrom

(LA 7LR & 7S, LA 8C,  LA 9K & 9R,

LA 7 Online, LA 9 Online)

Wednesday & Thursday

Mrs. Kristi Tansichuk



Mrs. Shelley Comfort

(Math 8C, Science 8C, French)

Monday, Tuesday

Mrs. Jolene Fodness

Math 8F, Science 8F, Science 7D, 7S and Math 6, Science 7 & 8 Online)


Ms. Patti Krekoski

(Home Economics 7-9, Health, Keyboarding 7)


Mrs. Jody Looy

(Math 7S, Math 7LR, Math 6KN, Math 8K,  Math 7 & Math 8 Online)


Mrs. Amy Malo



Ms. Terri-Lynne Nickason

(Social Studies 6D, 6N, 6K and Social Studies 6 online)

Monday, Wednesday

Mr. Charles Salomon

(Industrial Arts 7-9)

Monday, Tuesday

Mrs. Sherry Wolitski

(Gr. 2 and 3 Online)


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