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Breakfast Program

Provide nourishing breakfasts that include milk, toast with jam or cheese, fruit and porridge or cereal. Donations gratefully accepted.

Glen Avon Choir

Mr. Mueller/Mrs. Johnson/Ms. Magdiak - Open to students Gr.4 and up, registration forms and fees due in mid-September. Choir rehearsals in music room once a week. Choir members must purchase a choir t-shirts to be worn at all choir functions. Optional field trips to Edmonton or St.Albert (additional fees required).​

Accelerated Reading

School wide reading program promoting fluency and comprehension. Students take tests online following the completion of each book read to assess their understanding of what they read.

Library Pages
Run by our librarian, Miss Zimmerman, this group is open to all interested students in Grades 4-6. Library Pages come at first and last recess to shelve books, decorate the library, and help plan special events. Everyone who participates the whole year is invited on a year-end field trip.


Activities Throughout the Year 


Annual BBQ/Meet the Teachers – Mrs. MacDonald/Mr. Pashko – hosted by GA for parents and students at the end of August.


Cross Country Run – Mrs. Randall – Training begins 2nd week of school, race takes place the last week of September.


Volleyball –Mrs. Randall/Ms. Nickason- Tryouts begin first week of September. First league game, 1st week of October.  County finals 3rd week of November. Home tournament Oct. 4th (JV teams) and 5th (Sr teams).


Terry Fox Run – Mrs. Randall usually the last Friday of Sep.  Each student donates a toonie. Everyone participates. Walk as homerooms (lasts about 1 hour)


Picture Packages and Class Pictures – Office coordinates (Mrs. Getz) – 3rd week of October. Picture retakes scheduled for end of November. Classes are called down to the hub stage usually beginning with Kindergarten . Individual pictures and class composites. Spring Photo Session scheduled in April.  


Remembrance Day – Mrs. Songer- Classes as a whole can work on Remembrance Day art projects to be displayed in the gym. Staff and students dress in black, white, and red. Ceremony begins about 10:45 a.m. usually on the day before Remembrance Day. All classes called down to the gym. Usually have a guest speaker from the Legion, students read Remembrance Day poems, short stories, choir performs, etc.


Basketball – Mrs. Randall-Girls and Boys- Tryouts begin last week of November.  Boys practice 3:30-5:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. Girls practice 3:30-5:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.  First league game 1st week of January. Finals 1st week of March. Home tournament beginning of January.


Skating Gr. 7-9 – Mrs. Randall


Swimming Gr. 6 – Ms. Nickason


Swimming Gr. 4 - Mrs. Johnson 


Swimming Gr. 2 –  Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Wolitski


Report Cards/Parent Teacher Interviews – 3 Reporting Periods (Report cards handed out in Dec/March/June) Parent / Teacher Interviews held virtually with parents 3rd week of October and third week of February. Virtual appointments for all grades. (Oct. Interviews- 4:30 - 8:00 p.m.;      Feb. Int. - 4:30-7:30 p.m)


Christmas Concerts – Mr. Mueller, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Magdiak. Kindergarten to grade 6 will have an evening performance. Gr. 7, 8, 9 band evening concert.


Badminton – Mr. Pashko/Mrs. Randall/Ms. Nickason-Tryouts begin early March after Basketball Finals. Final Badminton occurs last week of April.


Talent Show - Mr. Mueller/Mrs. Johnson/Ms. Magdiak - Usually talent forms are picked up from the office mid February, need parent signature then dropped off in a box on office desk. Auditions held at 12 noon the first week of March.  Talent show usually held before Spring Break. Only K-gr. 6 attend.  

RCMP Road Race – Mrs. Randall– Tryouts begin in mid April. Race scheduled during first week or so of May.  Jr. High students only.


Music Matinees Gr. 1-5 - Performances at 11:30 during pre-registrations days middle of May.


Band 6,7,8,9 -Evening performance at the beginning of June.


Gr. 1 Field Trip - Fort George in Elk Point, Bowling


Grade 2 Field Trip - St. Paul Museum, Fun Swim, Bowling


Grade 3 - Ukrainian Village, Fun Swim


Gr. 4 Field Trip – Mrs. Werstiuk/Mrs. Johnson – Evergreen Landfill, Edmonton

Curricular Field Trip


Grade 5 Field Trip -Wetlands Study, Victoria Settlement


Grade 6 Field Trip - Alberta Legislature/Telus World of Science


Grade 7 Field Trip -Skiing in Cold Lake


Grade 8 Field Trip -Skiing in Cold Lake


Grade 9 Field Trip - Skiing in Jasper


Track & Field – Mrs. Randall - Jr. High held 3rd week of May; SPAA held first week of June. Ms. Nickason - Gr. 4-6 held towards the end of May. Ms. Magdiak - Kin - Gr. 3 Fun Events day. All are all day events. Parent volunteers requested for Elem. Track and Field.


Final Exams – Mr. Pashko –Jr. High Core Final exams are scheduled for the last 2 weeks of June.  All other exams (including options) should be written before final exams begin. (Jr. High finals are usually scheduled for the mornings in classrooms and Jr. High have scheduled study classes in the afternoon)


Windrunners – Ms. Nickason – Gr. 5’s take a bus to Saddle Lake for a competition.


Celebration of Learning –Elementary held on last day of school at 9 a.m.  Jr. High held the 2nd week of September.

Library Year-End Activity- Miss Zimmerman- a surprise K-6 themed week  to celebrate wrapping-up library fun for the school year.

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